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renewed life | renewed identity | renewed mission

RENEW Youth exists to equip and embolden 6th-12th graders with the knowledge that Jesus Christ's blood renews us to share His unending love with a dying and desperate world.  Our ministry's focus verse comes from 2 Corinthians 5:17, which reads, "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come."  This verse cascades into our three-part mantra: (1) RENEWED Life, (2) RENEWED Identity, and (3) RENEWED Mission.  These three parts are further described as follows:

(1) As believers, God saved us to have a renewed life in His life.
(2) As believers, God renewed us to be redefined as His beloved children who are completely forgiven by His grace.
(3) As believers, God sends us out with a renewed mission to love one another as Christ loved us and to share His Gospel with all people.

Each, week our youth come together with these things in mind so that they can grow in godly community and dig deeper in their adoration of the one true Living God.

what do we do when we meet?

On an average Wednesday night, we enjoy snacks, games, and fellowship before diving into worship and an in-depth study of God's Word.

when and where do we meet?

6-8pm during the school year
6-8:30pm during the summer


Promise Lane Church's Youth Building
31 Promise Lane
Franklin, NC 28734

what else do we do?

Throughout the year, RENEW Youth of Franklin does many other events and activities, such as:
  • Conferences and camps
  • Hikes
  • Game nights
  • Service days
  • Special trips
  • And so much more!

Take a peek at our photo album below to see more things that we do together...

Photo album

director of youth ministries

Meet our Director of Youth Ministries: Nathaniel Smith!  Nathaniel has been involved in Promise Lane Church's youth group as both a youth and as a volunteer leader since 2015.  In the spring of 2022, he took the job to become the new Youth Director.  Originally, Nathaniel intended to become a high school teacher with his dual degrees of history and education, but God led him to minister to our youth here at Promise Lane Church.  When asked about this decision, Nathaniel answered, "I am beyond thankful that God called me into this ministry because I have not regretted it even for a moment.  God is absolutely changing lives, and I get to sit in the front row seat to witness His majesty at work in our youth ministry."

Part of Nathaniel's mission as the Youth Director is to guide students to (1) enjoy and love God fully as their personal Lord ands Savior, (2) live completely to glorify His name, and (3) be equipped as critical thinkers who stand firmly on the truth of His Word.

Nathaniel has called Franklin home since 2004 (living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, before that) and wholeheartedly enjoys living life alongside his lovely wife and best friend Sarah-Jane Smith.

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